Legacy Solutions

Modules are designed for long-term availability with a 10+ year processor life and a multi-sourced, industry-standard LCD form factor. As new modules are introduced, some products move to being available for existing customers, not recommended for new designs. As key components go end of life, some products are discontinued. Read more about our approach to Long-Term Supply.

Available for Existing Customers, Not Recommended for New Designs

Legacy solutions are available for existing customers. Reach Technology has no plans to obsolete these products, and will support them, and customers using them into the future. New models supersede legacy products, therefore legacy products are not recommended for new designs.

NameControllerPart Number
4.3″ Standard Projected CapacitiveG2C151-0401-32, 51-0401-33, 51-0401-34
4.3″ Lite Projected CapacitiveG2C1L51-0401-42, 51-0401-44
4.3″ Lite Projected CapacitiveG2C1L51-0401-43, 51-0401-44
4.3″ Lite Resistive with Innolux DisplayG2C1L51-0401-52
4.3″ Lite Resistive with Microtips DisplayG2C1L51-0401-71
4.3″ ResistiveG2C151-0401-22
5.7″ Standard ResistiveG2H251-0406-181, 51-0406-182, 51-0406-081, 51-0406-082
7″ Standard ResistiveG2H251-0406-201
7” Standard Resistive G2H251-0406-401
7″ Standard Projected CapacitiveG2H251-0406-211
10.1" Standard Resistive G2H251-0406-043
10.1" Standard Projected CapacitiveG2H251-0406-052
12.1" Standard Projected CapactiveG2H251-0406-0D2


Customers started using SLCD display modules in 2003. Over time some of these products have been discontinued. Customers have placed last time buys for these products. Reach Technology is developing new products that will be avialable in 2024 to replace discontinued products. Contact sales for more information.

NameControllerPart Number
4″ LG PhilipsSLCD650-0101-0X
4″ LG Philips Enclosed SLCD6 50-0101-1X
4.3" High Bright Sharp SLCD4351-0009-0X
4.3″ Standard LG PhilipsSLCD4351-0104-0X
4.3" Resistive, Vertical MountSLCD4351-0105-02
4.3″ High Bright SGD, Vertical MountSLCD4351-0105-3X
4.3" Resistive, Horizontal MountSLCD4351-0106-01
4.3″ High Bright SGD, Horizontal MountSLCD43H51-0106-2X
4.3" Projected Capacitive, Vertical MountSLCD4351-0108-01, 51-0108-02
5.7″ QVGA, EnclosedSLCD650-0101-41, 50-0101-42
5.7″ QVGA ResistiveSLCD651-0101-41, 51-0101-42
5.7″ High Resolution SGD EnclosedSLCD5+50-0105-1X
5.7″ High Resolution SGDSLCD5+51-0103-4X
5.7″ High Resolution VGASLCD5+51-0103-81, 51-0103-82
5.7″ High-Resolution VGA ResistiveSLCD5+E51-0325-001, 51-0325-002
5.7″ VGA EnclosedSLCD5+ 50-0105-21, 50-0105-22
5.7″ HitachiSLCDFirmware Build Only: Contact Technical Support
5.7″ Kyocera SLCD+Firmware Build Only: Contact Technical Support
5.7″ G2H2 ResistiveG2H251-0406-081
7″ Evervision SLCD551-0102-2X
7″ High Brightness SLCD5+SLCD5+51-0103-5X
7″ ResistiveSLCD5+E51-0325-111, 51-0325-112
7″ Resistive, Wide ViewSLCD5+E51-0325-421
7″ Projected CapacitiveSLCD5+E51-0325-171, 51-0325-172
7″ Standard SGD SLCD5+SLCD5+51-0103-0X
7″ Projected CapacitiveG2H2 51-0406-411
8.4″ EnclosedSLCD5+ 50-0105-02
8.4″ StandardSLCD5+51-0103-31
10.1″ ResistiveG2H251-0406-042
10.1" Projected Capacitive G2H251-0406-051
10.4″ StandardSLCD552-0104-72
12.1″ StandardSLCD5+51-0103-A2

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