Production Support

When you are ready to place prototype and production orders, we will be there to help make things run smoothly.

We wanted to remind you:

  • There is a long lead time for components, in particular, LCDs which can be 14-16 weeks (longer now with COVID disruptions), so the sooner we get your production orders, the better we can meet your needs. While we keep standard products on the shelf for prototyping and small-volume initial production, the majority of production shipments are made-to-order.
  • Do not count on lead time being the same as last time. Although you’ve certainly gotten a quicker turnaround from us in the past, we wanted to remind you that the worst-case lead time could be as long as 18 weeks (longer now with COVID disruptions). We do our best to keep safety inventory on hand, but last-minute orders sometimes take this stock.

To protect yourself, place orders to get in the queue. We mitigate long lead time items by having blanket purchase orders in our system. To be sure you will get production modules when you need them, please contact sales to place a purchase order as soon as possible.

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Reach Technology is now a part of Novanta.

Sales and Engineering
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Please send payments to:
Novanta Corporation
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Chicago, IL 60693