QML Viewer Plugins

The QML Viewer exposes several variables for use in QML. Each plugin is defined in the components directory. In order to use the QML elements below you need to import the components directory.

import QtQuick 1.1
import "components"
  • int brightness() – Returns the current brightness.
  • setBrightness(int brightness) – Sets the brightness.
  • enable() – Enables the backlight.
  • disable() – Disables the backlight.
  • beep() – Causes the the display module to beep.
  • int volume() – Returns the current volume.
  • setVolume(int volume) – Sets the beeper volume.
  • int frequency() – Returns the current beeper frequency.
  • setFrequency(int frequency) – Sets the beeper frequency.
  • int duration() – Returns the current beeper duration.
  • setDuration(int duration)v – Sets the beeper duration.
  • sendMessage(QString) –  Sends a string out the RS-232 port currently assigned to the SIO agent.
  • enableHeartbeat(int seconds) –  Starts the heartbeat at the specified rate. Sends the string “ping” out the RS-232 port currently assigned to the SIO agent.
  • disableHeartbeat() –  Stops the heartbeat.
  • QString getIp() – Returns the current IP address. Will return if no IP is currently configured.
  • QDateTime currentDateTime() – Returns the current date time.
  • bool setDate(int year, int month, int day) – Sets the date.
  • bool setTime(int hour, int minutes, int seconds) – Sets the time.
  • QString execute(QString command, QStringList args) – Runs the command with supplied args.

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