5.7″ SLCD5+E High-Resolution VGA Resistive

Part Number: 51-0325-001

Customers started using SLCD5+E display modules in 2011. In March 2023, the NXP MX21 processor used in this SLCD5+E display module reached End of Life. Customers were offered a Last Time Buy, see details in Product Change Notification 0000040. Read more about our approach to Long-Term Supply.

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Our team is working on new 5.7″ display modules to release in 2024. These drop-in, form-fit-function replacements will have minimal customer hardware and software impact. This means you can start with this Development Kit now and transition to the new modules when they become available.

5.7” SLCD5+E High-Resolution VGA Development Kit

Part Number: 52-0325-002

Product Information

  • Comes with a VGA (640×480) display.

Powered by the SLCD5+E controller:

  • Two serial ports for either RS-232 or 3.3V CMOS. One port can be converted to RS-422 as a manufacturing option.

  • 266 MHz ARM9 Processor. 28MB highly reliable NOR data Flash for user downloadable bitmaps with optional RLE compression.

This 5.7″ module features:

  • Resistive touchscreen. Compare touch types.

  • Designed for long-term availability with a 10+ year processor life and a multi-sourced, industry standard LCD form factor.

  • ESD and EMC results available to ease regulatory compliance testing.

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Our team is working on new products that will be released in 2024. Let us know a bit about your project and what is important to you, and we will have an engineer from our team follow up with suggestions.

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