Application Notes

Sample applications demonstrate how to execute Linux commands, modify the SIO-Agent, and work with partitions on the SD card.

Application NoteDescriptionDateFile
AN-111 Demonstrates how to execute Linux commands from within the QML application, then using these commands, how to access the I2C bus on a display module.12/22/2015AN-111
AN-112Demonstrates how to use the CAN-agent in place of the SIO-agent on a G2C1 module.12/22/2015AN-112
AN-117Demonstrates how to create an additional partition, or extend/re-size an existing partition, on all modules SD card using the Linux GParted utility.01/08/2016AN-117
AN-121Shows how to replace the standard SIO-agent with an Ethernet I/O agent (EIO-agent).01/29/2016AN-121

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