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Frequently Asked Questions

In our 30+ years helping customers develop products, we have collected and responded to many common questions. If you’re stuck, or not sure what to do next, give our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) a look. We may have already addressed your problem.

G3 Controllers

How do I set the DTB?2023-11-17T16:03:24-08:00

For detailed instructions, see the G3 Manual lock.

How do I move my QML code to the display module?2022-04-08T09:50:31-07:00

To move QML code to the display module, follow the instructions below based on your user type.

Windows Users

Reach Technology has developed a Qt application called G2Link. It has a “Publish and Run” button that copies files to the display module, then restarts the QML Viewer. Visit G2Link to download the software and learn how to use this simple tool.

Linux Users

See Linux Deploy.

Network Connection

For information about connecting the module to your network, see Networking.

What is the “Joe Developer” account password in the VM?2023-11-15T14:55:28-08:00


Where can I download the G3 Developer SDK or G3 Developer OVA?2023-11-15T15:12:53-08:00

Check out these G3 Software Download tables.

Can the Yocto SDK be installed directly on Windows?2023-11-15T15:13:57-08:00

No. Contact Technical Support for more details.

Where is the Yocto SDK installed?2023-11-15T15:19:17-08:00


What are the supported panel resolutions?2023-11-15T15:20:46-08:00

Each controller board in the G3 family supports a subset of panels. See the table below for details. Panels are driven at native resolutions, as most do not support multiple display timings.

Supported LCD Panel Resolutions

Mnemonic Resolution
WQVGA 480 x 272
WVGA 800 x 480
XGA 1024 x 768
WXGA 1280 x 800

Need something else? Let us know. We are constantly working on new modules.

I just flashed an SD card and rebooted, and the screen is black. What is happening?2023-11-16T11:07:51-08:00

 You need to set your DTB. 

I just flashed eMMC and rebooted, and the screen is black. What is happening?2023-11-16T11:08:23-08:00

 You need to set your DTB. 

I just flashed the eMMC card and rebooted, but it booted from SD card. What is happening?2023-11-16T11:08:57-08:00

You need to install the boot-select jumper. Check the appropriate controller hardware manual. 

What is a DTB anyway?2023-11-16T11:09:28-08:00

It is a Device Tree Blob. Most desktop Linux machines actively probe for installed hardware to load and initialize various drivers. This can be a slow yet tedious process. To avoid the time required to probe in general, embedded Linux devices use a pre-defined, binary DTB to tell the kernel what is on the board and how to talk to it. 

Why is the root filesystem mounted read-only?2023-11-16T11:10:13-08:00

Primarily to avoid breaking the module. It will also improve your product reliability by preventing system crashes from filling the root filesystem. 

Does G3BNG support 12VDC input?2023-11-16T11:10:48-08:00

 Yes, for some 7 panels and all panels larger than 7. 

Do G3MSB or G3MSG support 12VDC input?2023-11-16T11:11:20-08:00


How do I flash an SD card?2023-11-17T15:59:54-08:00

For detailed instructions, see the G3 Manual lock.

How do I flash eMMC?2023-11-17T16:02:38-08:00

For detailed instructions, see the G3 Manual lock.

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