Application Notes

Application Note DescriptionModuleDateFiles
SLCDx Font Package and Release NotesFont Package .ZIP file* contains user downloadable fonts with extensive support for non-English (Latin) character sets. Use in conjunction with the BMPload program. Release Notes accompany the SLCDx Font Package.  If you are looking for additional fonts, please view our collection of existing fonts.All Modules05/24/2015Font Package Release Notes
In-System-ProgrammingConsole Loader .ZIP file* contains an application note and a ‘C’ program that demonstrates In-System-Programming of SLCDx (SLCD6, SLCD+ and SLCD43) and SLCD5/SLCD5+ bitmap, macro, font, and firmware data via a PC COM port. The program (code included) works with SLCDx firmware version 2.7.0 or later, SLCD5 firmware 1.2.0 or later, and SLCD5+ firmware version 1.3.0 or later. All Modules04/19/2011Console Loader
Loading Language Specific GUILoading Language .ZIP file* contains an application note that describes how to use the SD Memory Card on SLCD5+ controller boards to load language-specific versions of your graphic user interface.SLCD5+, SLCD5+E04/06/2011Loading Language
Sample Alphanumeric Keyboard Macro ProgramKeyboard .ZIP file* contains a sample program written in Microsoft Visual Basic to implement an alphanumeric keyboard on the SLCD. It also demonstrates the macro feature.SLCD02/02/2009Keyboard
Sample Arduino Mega ProgramArduino Program .ZIP file* contains an application note that describes a sample application written to demonstrate some of the capabilities of the SLCD controller and to provide a code base to work from in developing custom applications. There are two versions of the same application: one that has the host application sending all commands to the display to draw screen items and receive button notifications, and a second version that moves much of this work into macros that run on the display module.SLCD08/08/2013Arduino Program

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