To change the screen orientation of the display module, you need to edit a configuration file on the display module, and you need to change the screen dimensions in your application’s QML files.

The configuration file may be changed by using G2Link to access the file and then using an editor on your development system to edit the file. It can also be done by editing the file directly on the display module.

Application Changes

After changing the screen orientation on the display module, you also need to change the screen orientation in your QML project. In your QML project’s “mainview.qml” file, you need to change the screen dimensions from:


 Rectangle {
   width: 480
   height: 272




 Rectangle {
   width: 272
   height: 480


Do this before adding any GUI components to the screen canvas.

You will also need to make similar changes to each new screen you add to your project.

Using G2Link

To change the screen orientation of the display module to portrait mode, connect to the module with G2Link, click on View Files in Explorer, double-click on the Config folder, then double-click on the init.d folder. In that folder, the file called “qml-viewer” can be edited to enable a rotated display using an editor such as NotePad++ or GWD Text Editor.

NOTE: Do *NOT* use Wordpad to edit this file! Wordpad mangles the end-of-line characters and renders the file useless.

In the file “qml-viewer”, find the line:

#DISPLAY_ROT="-display Transformed:Rot90:0"

Remove the leading ‘#’ character to uncomment the line. Save the file, then in G2Link, click Restart QML Viewer to restart the QML Viewer on the display module.

Direct Edit

Make sure G2Link is not running, then bring up a terminal emulator on the port connected to the DEBUG connector on the display module development kit. If needed, login in as root, no password.

Use the “cd” command to change directory to:


Then use “vi” to edit the file “qml-viewer”, making the same change as outlined above. You will then need to exit the shell, restart G2Link, then restart the QML Viewer as described above.

To change the screen orientation of the display module to landscape mode, simply follow the steps outlined above, but make sure to comment-out the “DISPLAY_ROT” line in the file QML Viewer, and set the screen dimensions to 480×272.

To rotate the screen orientation of the display module 180°, follow the steps for Landscape Mode outlined above, but change the “DISPLAY_ROT” line in the file QML Viewer to:

DISPLAY_ROT="-display Transformed:Rot180:0"

You do not need to make the Application Changes since the dimensions will still be correct.

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