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Reach is always looking for smart, talented people with relevant experience. Currently, there are two open positions.

Hardware Engineer

Join our fast-paced engineering team responsible for new product development and supporting existing products in production. Get exposure and play a part in the entire engineering process; from concept to production. The ideal candidate will possess a broad range of hardware and software skills as well as experience in all aspects of product development. Get More Information and Apply

Embedded Firmware Developer/Technical Customer Support

This is an opportunity for someone who likes to see their code being used, and who enjoys working with and helping customers. This person will wear many hats, sometimes several per day. As an Embedded Firmware Developer, you will maintain and make improvements to an existing code base, written in C, that runs on a microcontroller with an LCD. The product is a user-programmable Graphical User Interface and is “bare metal” (no OS). Soon you will reimplement this code on a new hardware platform. Get More Information and Apply

We get an amazing amount done with a small team. We are looking for people that have a passion, are excited about their work, and want to get stuff done to have a sense of accomplishment.

About Reach Technology

We have been in business 25+ years, are profitable, and we are growing. We have a wide variety of customers who find our products very useful, and some even thank us for being in business. If you enjoy making elegant and useful products and helping customers solve problems, want to look forward to work each day, and have a good match in skills, please reply to this ad via email. At Reach, we enjoy what we do and love working with competent people.