Linux Virtual Machine Releases

  1. Choose the appropriate model and download a new virtual machine image from the tables below (usually the latest version).
  2. Extract the files into a folder on your development system.
  3. Follow Linux Quick Start Guide instructions for starting the new virtual machine.

G2C1 Virtual Machine Releases

VersionDateChange LogFile SizeImage
V2.0.211/19/2014Fixed Reach projects to use Reach’s qml-viewer, included Qt Webkit (got dropped in move to Mint 17).2.5 GBV2.0.2 lock
V2.0.0 07/31/2014 Upgraded to Linux Mint 17.Note: Firefox has a known issue with this version of Linux, so it is not included, and Chrome is installed instead. 2.5 GB V2.0.0 lock
V1.0.105/13/2014 Added Qt Webkit Open Source web browser. 3.2 GB V1.0.1 lock
V1.0.010/29/2013 Initial release. 2.8 GB V1.0.0 lock

G2H2 Virtual Machine Releases

VersionDateChange LogFile SizeImage
V1.0.603/18/2015967 MBV1.0.6 lock

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