7″ Standard Projected Capacitive

Part Number: 51-0406-211

Legacy products are available for existing customers. New modules supersede legacy modules, so they are not recommended for new designs. Reach Technology has no plans to obsolete these products, and will support them, and customers using them into the future. Read more about our approach to Long-Term Supply.

Software Releases

Download a new software release by selecting the appropriate model and kernel image from the table below (usually the latest version). Then visit the SD Card section for a discussion on tools you can use to install the new software on your SD card.

Part NumberDateChange LogFile SizeImageSoftware Documentation
  • Move the software part number from /etc/reach-version to /etc/reach-pn.
  • U-boot update to 2016.03 for NOR/NAND boot support.
  • Implement RS485 full and half duplex on J25.
  • Export GPIO on J21 pins 3 and 4.
  • New screen capture utility using fb2image command.
  • The TIO agent now supports a configurable number of entries in translate.txt, defaults to 400.
  • The TIO agent now allows an “=” character to be present in a string
  • Add the QtSerialPort library.
  • Update touch driver on PCAP panels for the new FocalTech touch controller.
416 MBS016-006 lockContact Technical Support
  • Initial Production Release for 0406 controller.
  • Null Codec and Samba Configuration for fonts.
189 MBS016-004 lock
  • New Boot Logo.
  • Improved Demo Scrolling.
  • Add Screen Capture Functionality.
189 MBS016-003 lock
S016-00205/22/2015This is the initial release of the G2H2-7P display module.177 MBS016-001 lock

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