7″ Standard SGD SLCD5+

Part Number: 51-0103-0X

Legacy products are available for existing customers. New modules supersede legacy modules, so they are not recommended for new designs. Reach Technology has no plans to obsolete these products, and will support them, and customers using them into the future. Read more about our approach to Long-Term Supply.

File Package

Download individual components using links below, or get this ZIP file that contains the most recent product information File Package (.ZIP).


Download ELF file with the current version of firmware.


Use BMPload to download bitmaps and macros to SLCD5/SLCD5+ Flash memory from a PC.


Contains example macro applications, images, and fonts. Use BMPload to program display module.

  • WVGA+
  • GUIFX: Demo written by user interface design partner.
  • IKB: Example of on-screen keyboard.
  • SD Card Contents: Contains the files and folders to place on an SD Card to execute the demos.


Display modules come with standard fonts. Get additional fonts from the Fonts Library which contains fonts with extensive support for non-English (Latin) character sets. Use BMPload to program the display module.

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