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Touch Screen Development Kits

Start at $349. 2,500+ kits sold to date. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Development Kits include everything you Touch Screen Kitneed to create a prototype quickly. When you are ready, move smoothly into production with off-the-shelf display modules that offer 5-7 years availability as a minimum. Kits generally ship from stock within a day of receiving an order.

Proven Hardware
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Touch Screen Kit Topseller
Part Number: 52-0106-02
4.3” Standard Resistive (SLCD43)
$349 Add to Cart
Part Number: 52-0101-41
5.7” Standard Resistive (SLCD6) 
$429 Add to Cart
Part Number: 52-0325-001
5.7” High Resolution Resistive (SLCD5+E) 
$409 Add to Cart
Part Number: 52-0325-171
7.0” Standard PCAP (WVGA), SLCD5+E  4.3
$459 Add to Cart
Part Number: 52-0104-31
8.4” Standard Resistive (VGA), SLCD5+ 
$819 Add to Cart
Part Number: 52-0325-3A1
12.1” Standard Resistive (SVGA), SLCD5+ 
$669 Add to Cart
Part Number: 37-0008-01
USB to RS-232 adapter with cable
$30 Add to Cart

Other Ways to Order: Call or Email

Call Reach Sales at 408-754-4176 or email sales@reachtech.com and we would be happy to help take your order. Download Development Kit Form

Development Kits for Prototypes

Development Kits are available for engineers working on prototypes, and therefore orders are limited to two units.

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