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Touch Screen Development Kits

Start at $349. 2,500+ kits sold to date. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Development Kits include everything you Touch Screen Kitneed to create a prototype quickly. When you are ready, move smoothly into production with off-the-shelf display modules that offer 5-7 years availability as a minimum. Kits generally ship from stock within a day of receiving an order.

Proven Hardware
Full Technical Support
Long Term Supply
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Touch Screen Kit Topseller
Part Number: 52-0106-02
4.3” Standard Resistive (SLCD43)
$349 Add to Cart
Part Number: 52-0101-41
5.7” Standard Resistive (SLCD6) 
$429 Add to Cart
Part Number: 52-0325-001
5.7” High Resolution Resistive (SLCD5+E) 
$409 Add to Cart
Part Number: 52-0325-171
7.0” Standard PCAP (WVGA), SLCD5+E  4.3
$459 Add to Cart
Part Number: 52-0104-31
8.4” Standard Resistive (VGA), SLCD5+ 
$819 Add to Cart
Part Number: 52-0325-3A1
12.1” Standard Resistive (SVGA), SLCD5+ 
$669 Add to Cart
Part Number: 37-0008-01
USB to RS-232 adapter with cable
$30 Add to Cart

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Call Reach Sales at 408-754-4176 or email sales@reachtech.com and we would be happy to help take your order. Download Development Kit Form

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