Legacy PoE Testers

We’ve been designing and building Power Over Ethernet testing equipment since 2005. The PoE5 module is the fourth generation product to be made and delivered. Production of PoE testers may be discontinued when components become difficult to obtain. See the table below of legacy PoE test units.

Product NamePart Numbers
PoE4 24 Port53-0004-11, 53-0004-01
PoE3B 24 Port 53-0002-02
PoE3 8 Port53-002-31
PoEBN 24 Port53-002-12
PoEBN 8 Port53-002-41
PoE3BNL-8 8 Port53-002-21
PoE3BNL-24 24 Port53-002-51