Service Bulletin: PoE5 Tester Revision A Controller Card

Products Affected

PoE5 24 Port and 8 Port Production Line Testers produced before June 3, 2019.

Service Concern

We have seen higher than normal return rates for the above-mentioned products shipped with a Revision A Controller Card. In some cases, we have found Q1 in the fan control circuit fails, resulting in the cooling fans not turning on, which can cause damage to the unit’s line cards.

Recommended Actions

  • See if your units are affected. Review Section 1 of Work Instructions on how to visually inspect your unit to determine your revision. Review the list of serial numbers affected and if your unit is on this list, proceed to the next step.

  • Test the fan control by cycling the power and listening for the fans. See Section 2 of the Work Instructions for details on how to verify rear fan operation.

    • If the fans do not come back on, you will need to send the unit in for repair. You can start that process by completing this Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Form. Since you have missed the deadline of Friday, December 31, 2021, your units may incur catastrophic repair fees (see page 3 of RMA).
    • If they do come on, proceed to the next step.
  • Update Firmware to Version 1.1.1. See Section 4 of the Work Instructions for details on how to upgrade the firmware. We anticipate these steps to take 15-30 minutes per unit. Then proceed to the next step.

  • Request a Card Upgrade Kit. Upgrade kits were offered at no cost to customers who responded by the 12/31/2021 deadline. Now, any units that need to be upgraded will incur a $688 fee. To request this card upgrade kit, complete the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Form. Replacing Revision A Controller Card with Revision B will give you improved margins. Once the kit arrives, you see Section 6 of the Work Instructions that detail how to change the parts. We anticipate these steps to take 20 minutes per unit.

  • Return Revision A Controller Cards: Once you have completed the replacement, we would appreciate it if you would return the Revision A Controller Card to Reach Technology. Using the RMA assigned to your upgrade kit please ship the control card to NOVANTA CORPORATION, ATTENTION: SHEILA DAVIS, 4600 CAMPUS PLACE, MUKILTEO, WA 98275, USA.

Thank You For Your Support

We are confident these steps will reduce the risk of future field failures. Reach Technology will always stand behind our products and work closely with our valued customers in the event issues are discovered. We appreciate your support.


Have more questions? Please contact or call our team at 503-675-6464.

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