New PoE testing equipment gives manufacturers of Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) cost-effective, high-throughput tools for the production test of PoE power functionality.

Reach Technology (, a company that makes PoE Test Equipment specially designed for manufacturers of Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE), today announced the release of the PoE5. Reach Technology designed its latest unit to support the new IEEE 802.3bt Power-over-Ethernet standard to test Ethernet switches, Power over HDBaseT (PoH), and LED lighting controllers.

The PoE5 allows PSE manufacturers to do a quick, thorough final test before shipping. The PoE5 tests all ports at full power with no duty cycle limitations and does a datapath loopback at the full 10G rate for complete power and data integrity testing.

“The new power standard cements PoE as the power distribution technology of choice for under 100W intelligent devices. Power has long been more reliable than data, and if PoE is to grow as expected, reliability is key. Even one out-of-box power port failure can compromise a vendor’s reliability reputation,” said Michael Tobin, Reach Technology, Product Line Manager.

The PoE5 is a 1U high enclosure with 24 UUT ports.


The PoE5 (Part Number: 53-0005-11) provides the most test coverage, in the shortest time, for the least cost per-port and features:

  • Compliant to IEEE 802.3bt four power pair standard.
  • Up to 100W total per-port adjustable load, 50W per power pair, fully programmable.
  • Support for both single and dual signature implementations.
  • Cost-optimized for volume production functional testing.
  • Datapath rated to 10GbaseT for both current and future test needs.
  • Supports the Autoclass option for LED lighting applications.
  • 24 UUT (Unit Under Test) ports in a 1U high enclosure for high-density testing.
  • Dynamic load with per-power-pair user-defined current or constant power test levels.
  • Measures individual port voltages for compliance to standard.
  • Supports Type 3 and Type 4 Power Sourcing Equipment and additional classes (Class 5 to Class 8).

To learn more visit the PoE5 Product Page, download the PoE5 Manual, and see more product views. For pricing and availability, contact sales by calling (503) 675-6464 x2.

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