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by Reach Technology, a Novanta Company

Why Made in the USA Matters

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We make things onshore. Unlike a lot of other companies, we never went offshore. We’ve always manufactured in the United States, in California actually, which is surprising for a lot of people. They think of California as a high-cost place to do business, but because California has a lot of people in the manufacturing in the high-tech business, there’s a lot of competition so we can get pretty good prices to assemble in the United States.

The big advantage having our products made in the United States is control, the ability to have appropriate lead times and to have good quality. The problem with sending stuff offshore, yes you can make it cheaper, but if I go offshore and make a thousand boards or thousand modules, and they come back, and I have customers waiting for them, and I’ve scheduled everything they come back and there’s a problem, they don’t work. What would I do? What do the customers do? It’s like, oh all of a sudden you can’t get it, your production line is down; it’s not acceptable.

When you make stuff in the United States, the whole supply chain is shorter. You can find out quicker if there’s a problem. If there’s a problem you can fix it here, you don’t have to send it to China. In fact, it is not cost-effective.

People when they offshore things, sometimes find out that they bring it back and there’s a problem and it’s costing them way more than anything they saved, to fix the problem.