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Picking the Right LCD


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One of the hard things is to figure out which LCD to use. There is such a plethora of LCDs. As products are made, you can see consumer products these days coming all sorts of sizes; there is the 4.3-inch screen. In fact, the color touch phones seemed to get bigger, and then they get smaller. I don’t think they’re any smaller, they just keep getting bigger, but there are a lot of choices.

If you’re not familiar with the industry, if you’re not familiar with the options, you can go down the wrong path. Many displays are consumer-oriented. As we know consumer life cycles or product cycles are getting faster and faster. They’re nine months these days, which means if you pick a panel that’s in a consumer cycle, in nine months it will be gone and there’ll be a new one.

Now that’s great if you’re developing cell phones and you want the latest and greatest technology, but if you’re developing a product that you want to build and sell to customers for five, seven years, an industrial product, then having your LCD go out of, end of life is terrible.