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We don’t force version change on people. If you get one of our development systems with version say 1.5 software on it and you use it to develop your embedded application, run it through all the tests, everything works fine, it’s reliable, then from then on you can buy from us a module with that version of software forever. We don’t say, “Oh, we don’t support that anymore. Now, you have to move to this.” No, that doesn’t make any sense.

We have hundreds, we have probably 300 or 400 customers and a lot of them have unique versions and we ship them the unique version. They call up, they say, “I want to order what I ordered last time,” sometimes they don’t even know what their version is, we know. We provide the same version over and over again so that there’s consistency so that what was tested, what was proven to work is what they ship … is what they put into their equipment.

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