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Full Lifetime Support


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The reason you would like to use Reach for your embedded color touch surface is because we provide a full lifetime support for you.

We give you design support at the beginning, we provide excellent execution when you’re buying embedded color touch surface products in terms of delivering when we say we’re going to deliver, giving you reasonable lead times, stocking products, stocking LCDs. Actually, that’s a big deal because LCDs can have 14-week lead times. It’s not a standard product that electrical engineers are used to where microcontrollers are parts you can get off the shelf. LCDs tend to have a long lead time.

The back end, if something goes obsolete, we handle that as well. We’ll give, with almost every product we have, if something goes obsolete, we will come up with a form fit and function drop in replacement to keep you going. The last thing you need to do is to worry about end-of-life issues.

We specialize in long-term availability, five to seven years is sort of a minimum. We have people who use the same product for ten years. Once it’s designed in, once it’s been approved because all these products go through a long approval process. You have EMI testing, you have ESD testing, FCC approval in some cases. Once that’s approved, you don’t want it to change because you have to go through all those approvals again.

Reach supports our customers every step of the way.