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by Reach Technology, a Novanta Company

Atypical Technical Support

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First of all, one of the great things about Reach is, we have, I think, phenomenal touchscreen technical support, support that no other company has. When you call our technical support line, an engineer answers. Not only an engineer but the engineer who is familiar, intimately familiar with every aspect of the product. The code, they write the code, they check out LCDs, they do testing.

You’re talking to somebody who really knows what they’re talking about. That rarely happens with any other product that a business can buy. That ability, to get your question answered quickly is huge. We say, “If you’re frustrated, you’re working on our gear, and you spend more than 15 minutes scratching your head, call us.”

In five minutes, we can save you an hour. It’s no big deal. Call us, “What are you doing? Oh, you’re trying to do this. Here, let me send you … let me point you to an application, let me just give you some word of advice, tell you what somebody else did, give you a best practice advice.” Things move much faster.