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Expectations of an Embedded Interface


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One of the interesting characteristics of an embedded system is, unlike PCs, we expect them to do the same thing each time. If I go to my microwave and I type in the number of minutes and then say start, and it does this thing each the same way each time that’s great. But if I type start, or if I type some buttons and it stuttered, like how a PC does, I think it’s broken.
The embedded world is different than the PC world. That’s why Android is great for PC consumer-type of applications where we expect sometimes there’s a lag between pushing a button and seeing a result, sometimes there’s a delay and the delay may change. That’s we expect with PCs, and maybe with tablets, and maybe with our phones, but with a piece of equipment like a medical device that’s dermatological skin laser, no, you want it to work the same way each time.

The way to guarantee that is to have a simple embedded interface system, not one with layers and layers of complexity; layers that maybe you don’t even understand. Our system is very simple, which is a good thing when you try to make something reliable.