Reach Production Moving to Larger Facility


Thanks to your business, we continue to grow. To make room for production, we are moving to a larger, state-of-the-art facility in April 2017. We will share space with NDS Surgical Imaging, also a Novanta company, in San Jose, CA. Our new address will be 5750 Hellyer Ave, San Jose, CA 95138. For a period, our main phone number 510-770-1417 will forward to our new number 4503-675-6464. Our email addresses will remain the same. Our Fremont, CA office will be closed Thursday, April 6th, and Friday, April 7th. Orders will begin shipping from San Jose, CA the following week. We will work with you to schedule your orders around these transition dates. Please contact Reach Sales with any questions.

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Reach Technology Acquired by Novanta


We are pleased to announce Reach Technology, Inc. is being acquired by Novanta, a leading global supplier of industrial and healthcare technology solutions. Reach will continue to provide you with the highest quality products and customer support that continue to be the hallmarks of our business. Novanta shares our standards of service and operations. Our customers will benefit as we leverage their global resources. Answers to common questions: Why did Reach sell to Novanta? Reach has grown to the point where additional resources are needed to provide our high level of service to an expanding customer base. Reach management saw the opportunity to join forces with a company that shares the same customer-focused values. How do I place orders? Your ordering process won’t change. We still support phone, email, web shopping cart, and fax orders. All phone numbers and email addresses will remain the same. Will my sales contact [...]

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Long Term Availability


Prospect Question: My biggest concern is longevity. My products need to remain viable for a good 10 years (nature of our market). Having designed in displays before I know that about the time I release to production the display is at end of life...I was hoping that the industry had changed a bit...I am concerned that it is difficult to guarantee the longevity I require...that is where my discomfort lies...My other choice is to use more standard buttons and a much less sophisticated these tend to hang around longer. That being said.. is there a display size that tends to remain active the longest? Reach Technology Answer: Your longevity concerns are shared by many of our customers. They make products for the medical industry, and changes are painful for them because of the regulatory issues. They require that products do not change over time, or change as little as [...]

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Range of LCD Module Sizes


Full Transcript We have a range of LCD sizes we support. The smallest is the 4.3-inch. People sometimes ask for the smaller size, the 3.5", which is the old Palm Pilot size. The reason we've never done a 3.5-inch screen or module is that once you get to that size, the smaller sizes, the LCDs change because it's a consumer-based product or a phone-based product. The LCDs themselves change so quickly that we can't find a panel and a supplier that can guarantee a long-term supply at a reasonable price. Yes, you can get them from some vendors, but it's not an attractive enough price. For us, the smallest size we do is 4.3-inch. Then, from 4.3", we go up to 5.7", 7", 8.4", 10". You can even drive a 12-inch screen.

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Getting Started with a Touchscreen Development Kit


Customers find within a week; they can have something up and running with a development kit. Full Transcript The way to get started with the Reach solution is quite simple. It's a development kit. We provide development kits that have everything you need to get started: the display, the controller, cables, mounted boards, power supply. Get one of these kits, and it comes with demo software, and it comes with the manual that explains how to do very simple stuff, to begin with. If you can start with that, just to get a handle on the whole concept of touch control, then if you have any issues moving forward, we have tech support on staff, people you can call in. We say, "If you spend more than 15 minutes scratching your head, give us a call because we can usually help." The development kits that we provide [...]

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LCD Controller Features Overview


See display module features in action: on-board proportional fonts, fixed-width fonts, parameter macro, label macro, simple math macro, easy-to-use buttons, save/restore drawing state, dynamic labels, text in a box, relative touch, data visualization charts, slider controls (compass, gauge meters), animation, scroll and rotate, and drawing primitives (shapes). Note: No audio.

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Expectations of an Embedded Interface


Full Transcript One of the interesting characteristics of the embedded interface system is, unlike PCs, we expect them to do the same thing each time. If I go to my microwave and I type in the number of minutes and then say start, and it does this thing each the same way each time that’s great. If I type start, or if I type some buttons and it stuttered, like how a PC does, I think it’s broken. The embedded world is different than the PC world that’s why Android is great for PC consumer-type applications where we expect sometimes there’s a lag between pushing a button and seeing a result. Sometimes there’s a delay and the delay may change; that’s we expect with PCs, and maybe with tablets, and maybe with our phones, but with a piece of equipment like a medical device that’s dermatological skin laser, no, [...]

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SLCD43P Development Kit


See the parts you get and how they go together to power the display module and run the demos.

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Get a 7″ Development Kit up and Running


See how to how to set up hardware and software to get up-and-running once your touchscreen module development kit arrives.

Get a 7″ Development Kit up and Running2020-01-12T01:39:11-08:00
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