Customers find within a week; they can have something up and running with a development kit.

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The way to get started with the Reach solution is quite simple. It’s a development kit. We provide development kits that have everything you need to get started: the display, the controller, cables, mounted boards, power supply.

Get one of these kits, and it comes with demo software, and it comes with the manual that explains how to do very simple stuff, to begin with.

If you can start with that, just to get a handle on the whole concept of touch control, then if you have any issues moving forward, we have tech support on staff, people you can call in. We say, “If you spend more than 15 minutes scratching your head, give us a call because we can usually help.”

The development kits that we provide have been found very useful by our customers. They find that with the kit, within a week, they can have an application, they can have something up and running.

It’s not a long, drawn-out procedure where you have to spend weeks and weeks or months developing code and developing fancy interfaces or complicated interfaces. In a lot of cases, a simple set of graphics and buttons suffice.

We have lots of customers who are trying to do relatively simple things and want it easy, want to get it done. They want to lower their risk of development by having the user interface part, the color touch part, done as quickly and as easily as possible so they can move on to things that have a higher value.

Reduce complexity. Speed time-to-market. Products designed for your specific purpose.

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