What are the supported panel resolutions?

Each controller board in the G3 family supports a subset of panels. See the table below for details. Panels are driven at native resolutions, as most do not support multiple display timings. Supported LCD Panel Resolutions Mnemonic Resolution WQVGA 480 x 272 WVGA 800 x 480 XGA 1024 x 768 WXGA 1280 x 800 Need something else? Let us know. We are constantly working on new modules.

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How do I rotate the display by 90° or 180°?

The Orientation page explains the changes required to rotate the display contents. Note: This only applies to G2C1 modules, not G2H2 modules.

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Touch Calibration Questions

How can I re-calibrate the touch screen? You can force a re-calibration by removing the file /etc/pointercal and then rebooting the module. The calibration is then run during the module startup. It creates the file /etc/pointercal, and if this file exists at startup, the calibration step is not run. You can also do a calibration manually by running these commands from the console (Advanced View in G2Link): /etc/init.d/qml-viewer stop ts_calibrate /etc/init.d/qml-viewer start Do I need to give the end-user of my equipment the option to re-calibrate the touch screen? In the case of Projected Capacitance (glass front, PCAP) touch, the answer is generally no. Projected Capacitance touch works by energizing and sensing patterned rows and columns of lines in the touch panel. Calibration provides a correspondence between a location on the LCD and the touch’s sensed location. This won’t change over time, so one calibration should be sufficient. There could be a rare case such as where the calibration [...]

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Do the modules run a display server such as X11 or Wayland? Is there support for OpenGL?

G2H2 modules, with Qt 5.3.2, use Qt’s EGLFS platform, which takes advantage of the GPU and hardware acceleration. Qt manages the the frame buffer. We are not running a display server, X11 or Wayland. G2C1 modules, which have no GPU, with Qt 4.8, use QWS to manage the frame buffer. Again, there is no display server such as X11 or Wayland.

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Can you provide MTBF values?

We don’t have actual MTBF calculations for our display modules. However, the gating item will always be the LCD panel backlight. For example, the panel used in the 4.3″ modules has an LED lifetime minimum rating of 20,000 hours (typical 30,000 hours). LED lifetime is defined as operating hours at full brightness until the module brightness decreases to 50% of the original intensity when operated at an ambient temperature of 25ºC. This is not as bad as it might seem. Our eyes have a logarithmic response to brightness, so half-bright to a luminosity meter is not perceived as half-bright. Note: The LED lifetime can be increased by reducing the display brightness or turning the backlight off during periods of inactivity. For example, to double the LED lifetime rating, reduce the backlight brightness to 50%.

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Is there an inexpensive screen protector I can use for my display?

Check out screen protector vendors below. The size you need will depend on your bezel design and visible display area. Photodon Find Universal Stock sizes. Photodon can also trim down films to your dimensions for a custom fit. See a description of all film types: clear, anti-glare, and specialty. NuShield For the SLCD43 module, check out Part Number NU300E, Select DayVue film. Read more about DayVue's anti-reflective film for electronic displays. ARMR-200 This product by 3M is another option. It is an anti-reflective, matte, 5mil protector. Digi-Key sells sheets of it, and then you need to employ a die-cut company to slice it to the correct size. In a typical application, cut it to the visible screen size so you can replace it easily. If you are trying to seal the screen, cut it to the size of the display and mount it behind a gasket.

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Will resistive touch screens work with latex gloves?

Some people believe you need a  projected capacitive touch screen for latex gloves. However, resistive touchscreens work under pressure, so gloves, stylus, or anything that pushes the touch screen will work.

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Can I change from a landscape to portrait-orientation?

Under "Touchscreen Display Modules" choose the product you are using. Under the "Downloads" tab, select Portrait Firmware to download the .UPG file. Use the BMPload program to change the firmware. Note: SLCD5/SLCD5+ products display landscape orientation only and cannot do portrait orientation.

Can I change from a landscape to portrait-orientation?2022-04-08T10:55:36-07:00
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