The baud rate is set in the init script on the module: /etc/init.d/sio-agent.

You can change this using various approaches. If you’re familiar with Linux and the ‘vi’ editor, you can use a terminal emulator connected to the debug port, login as ‘root’, with no password, then edit the file, and change the default baud rate to another. Simply reboot the module for the change to take effect.

Another approach would be to use G2Link. Connect to the display module’s debug port with the “Select Serial Port” button, then click on View>-Advanced View, then click on “Edit SIO settings”. You can select the desired baud rate from the pull-down, then click OK. This will edit the sio-agent script for you.

Another approach is to use G2Link, connect to the debug port as before, but then click “View Files in Explorer”. When the file browser window appears, click on “conifg”, then click on “init.d”. You can then use a standard editor to edit the file. NOTE: do not use Windows’ “Notepad” application – it will mangle the file.