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The Value of a Simple Solution


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The great thing about our embedded touchscreen solution is that it is simple. You can look at other people’s development systems. For example, if you want to do Android, have spinners, animated this and that, it’s all very pretty but it is very complicated. It will take quite a bit to learn and is in fact is not something an embedded engineer really has a good grasp on because it’s more web-oriented tools.

Our embedded touchscreen system is very easy to use. The great thing about it is, when you’re developing a system, an embedded piece of equipment, you want to take an incremental approach. You really want to start off by making something very simple and work from end to end. I have a screen with a button on it. I push the button, my embedded device does something.

The embedded device has an input, a sensor change, I see the change in my screen. Having that, even though it sounds very simple, having that line work reliably,  where you understand all the components along and then can build up from there, is the right way to do development.

Premature optimization has killed many an embedded product. Making a gorgeous front-end but then doesn’t actually work to the end, or isn’t reliable or changes over time or acts like a computer, sometimes it’s fast, sometimes it’s slow, that’s not good. You want to start with something you know and then build up. That’s what our environment and our system allows you to do.