What are the supported panel resolutions?

Each controller board in the G3 family supports a subset of panels. See the table below for details. Panels are driven at native resolutions, as most do not support multiple display timings. Supported LCD Panel Resolutions Mnemonic Resolution WQVGA 480 x 272 WVGA 800 x 480 XGA 1024 x 768 WXGA 1280 x 800 Need something else? Let us know. We are constantly working on new modules.

What are the supported panel resolutions?2023-11-15T15:20:46-08:00

Do you offer an analog VGA interface?

You would be better served using one of the following vendors to get an LCD controller with an analog VGA interface: Digital View: Look in the Products, LCD Controllers section. Spectrah Dynamics

Do you offer an analog VGA interface?2022-04-08T11:40:03-07:00

Do you offer multi-touch screens?

We do not offer any displays with multi-touch. Our GUI items do not include any elements that can use multi-touch.

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How does your solution compare with Maple Systems?

Maple Systems touch screens are highly feature-rich regarding speed and connectivity; hence, they’re more complicated to use (and more costly). If you don’t need 3D animations, the ability to play video or music, or Ethernet connectivity, you will find our SLCD solution more than adequate and much simpler to use. If you need some of those features, check out our G2 display modules. Since our SLCD interface to your system is a Command Line Interface implemented over a serial port, any UART microcontroller with enough speed and memory to handle your application will do just fine. If you want to discuss your application requirements and which of our products will best meet your needs, please contact our technical support team. Note: If you do need 3D animations, video, or Ethernet, be sure to look at our G2/G3 modules, which use an industry-standard IDE (Qt Creator), programming language (QML), and operating [...]

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Are your controller boards able to control devices other than the display in the outside world?

Our controller boards communicate with other devices via the “aout” command, which can send ASCII text out to any serial port on the display controller. SLCD boards do not have any GPIO for signal control (this is available on G2C1 and G2H2 modules). Please let Reach  Technology Technical Support know if you have any other concepts of “control.”

Are your controller boards able to control devices other than the display in the outside world?2022-04-08T11:41:33-07:00

Do you offer any small display units?

We specialize in displays for medical and industrial applications and only support LCD form factors that are “industry standard,” which means they will be available for 5-7 years or longer. The smaller displays (under 4.3″) tend to be device-specific and therefore change every 18 months. Suppose you’re not already aware of the vagaries of the LCD market and especially of the availability of LCD products. In that case, you might want to read, “The LCD business is very different from others.”

Do you offer any small display units?2022-04-08T11:43:29-07:00
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