Do you have a “ruggedized” display module?

Ruggedized displays are not our core competency.  We suggest that you look at products from Beijer Electronics designed for rugged applications.

Do you have a “ruggedized” display module?2022-04-08T11:53:37-07:00

Do you have tips on getting UL, CSA or ETL approval?

You may want to get UL, CSA, or ETL approval for your product that incorporates a Reach Technology display controller or module. One question that the agency may ask is the screen's flammability rating, which is pertinent only to displays that use high voltage CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) backlighting as voltages above the ELV (or SELV) limit are present for these backlights. Voltages that do not exceed the ELV limit drive LED backlights, and thus the flammability of the display typically does not need to be considered. While this is not an exhaustive explanation of the issue, it helps direct those uninitiated into the intricacies of the rating agency requirements. If you are applying for UL certification and your product contains a Reach Technology product, please contact Technical Support for materials that the UL certification body requires.

Do you have tips on getting UL, CSA or ETL approval?2022-04-08T11:54:25-07:00

Do you have UL Certifications?

Our Printed Circuit Assemblies (boards) are built using UL-recognized substrate material with a 94V-0 flammability rating. If you are applying for UL certification and your product contains a Reach Technology product, please contact Reach Technical Support for materials required by the UL certification body.

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Does Reach Technology have ISO Certifications?

Reach Technology does not have ISO certifications. Our display modules use Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBA) made by our contract manufacturers who are ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified. Reach Technology integrates these PCBAs with displays, touchscreens, mechanical mounting parts, and loads software. Reach Technology does a final acceptance test and visual inspection of all units. We sell to medical companies, including Medtronic, Steris, Agilent, Alcon, and others.

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How should I clean my touch screen?

When cleaning a touchscreen, it is important to realize they are sensitive to chemicals, much as is a pair of glasses with plastic lenses. The cleaning kit supplied with a pair of such glasses is just the ticket for safely cleaning your touchscreen; it typically includes a micro-fiber cloth and a gentle cleaning solution and can usually be had for $10 or so. First, some warnings: Units are not sealed and can be damaged if liquids are sprayed or poured directly onto any surface of the device. Wring cleaning cloths of excess liquid before use on the device surfaces. Avoid Isopropyl alcohol at concentrations greater than 70% and non-diluted bleach or ammonia solutions. The use of incorrect solutions can result in visual impairment of the touchscreen, discoloration, and damage to functionality. Do not use any cleaning agents labeled as corrosive or abrasive to glass or plastic, including solvents (Like Formula [...]

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