Here are some suggestions to improve performance:

  1. Only send changed data: The host computer on boot can send all data. Afterward, the host computer should only send that data that has changed (compared with the last data sent).
  2. Reduce host computer data transmitting frequency: Reduce the rate of the data sent from the host computer to the SLCDx display controller to reduce the flicker that occurs when writing data.
  3. Avoid refreshing the entire screen: If you have a large bitmap, try to avoid re-displaying the bitmap since re-writing the bitmap can be relatively slow.
  4. Move Reach commands to macros: Commands executed within a macro are stored in the device memory, and these commands run faster than commands sent serially.
  5. Uncompressed images display quickest: If you are compressing images, remember that uncompressed versions are displayed faster. If the default is to compress all images, include the “.unc.” in the filename of large images that display more slowly.