The SLCD5  (7″, 8.4″, and 10.4″) firmware loads bitmaps and macros from serial data on Flash into RAM before it displays anything on the screen. This way, the screen does not come up blank. However, this loading can take time, especially if there are a lot of bitmaps. There are two ways to speed things up:

  1. If the splash screen is set to bitmap 1 (e.g., command “*SPL 1”), this bitmap is loaded and displayed first before all the others are loaded. This setting can reduce the on-time delay.
  2. A special inverter cable, P/N 23-0121-12, can be used with ERG 8MAD series inverters. This cable enables the inverter as soon as power is turned on, so the screen goes white right away. Then once the controller is initialized and there are bitmaps loaded, the screen will display normally. The downside of this solution is that the inverter always runs at full brightness.