We have not had a lot of demand for an Enclosed 4.3” unit, so we have not developed one of our standard NEMA enclosures. Search the site for available enclosed units. We are looking for a customer or set of customers interested in purchasing more than 100 units to justify the development of such an enclosure. If you are such a customer, please contact our sales team.

Here are some other options to consider:

  1. Several customers have used plastic electronic enclosures (often hand-held) from Polycase and Bud Industries. Several use Lexan between the screen and the enclosure.
  2. One customer has developed a bench-top enclosure to house our product. It is ready to accept the SLCD43 module with a touch screen and provides ample space to house power supplies, processors, I/O connections, etc. Features include:
    • Adjustable touch screen viewing angle
    • Anti-glare touch screen overlay window
    • Extended wiring and connectors for SLCD43
    • Access opening for SLCD43 USB port
    • Removable “blank” rear panel inserts
    • Heavy gauge, easily machined, all-aluminum construction
    • Anodized finish