We need the Windows font name for fonts, size in pixels or points, and Unicode range required. Per Wikipedia, ISCII uses an 8-bit code, an extension of the 7-bit ASCII code containing the basic alphabet necessary for the ten Indian scripts originating from the Brahmi script. There are 15 officially recognized languages in India. Apart from Perso-Arabic scripts, the other ten scripts used for Indian languages have evolved from ancient Brahmi and have a similar phonetic structure, making a standard character set possible. The ISCII code table is a superset of all the characters required in the Brahmi-based Indian scripts. For convenience, we use the alphabet of the official script Devanagari. We can provide downloadable fonts accessed as 8-bit characters if you can provide a font with ISCII characters.

See Fonts for Embedded Touch Screen Development for a comprehensive explanation of working with fonts.