I have programmed the baud rate at 230400 in the power-on macro. Now I can’t communicate via my embedded system, BMPload, or Hyperterminal. How can I reset the baud rate so that I can continue working?


The SLCD controller family has an “auto-switch” feature to change the active serial port. You need to connect to an alternate serial port, perform the auto switch, and disable the power-on macro.

Using the development kit:

  • Connect to the AUX port on the PowerCom4 triangle board using a PC serial port at 115200 baud.
  • Using Hyperterminal or RealTerm or TeraTerm, send 4 “enter” or characters, and you should get a ‘>’ prompt.
  • Issue the command:

  • Power cycle. The main port should now be 115200 baud. If not, to see what it is set at, repeat and issue the command:

  • On the SLCD43, you can connect to the USB port and do the same as the above.