To provide added ESD protection to the SLCD43 display modules, we use 3M 1170 conductive tape to connect the metal frame of the LCD panel to the digital ground (equals ESD or chassis ground) on the SLCD43 controller board. The controller board has grounded mounting holes that need a solid connection to chassis/Earth/ ESD ground. This approach provides approximately 4KV ESD protection. However, from a regulatory point of view, ESD testing has to be done with the display module in the customer’s enclosure with a system ground. If you are trying for high ESD immunity, the bezel “should” be metal or metalized plastic, although it may be OK with just plain plastic. Our suggestions are:

  1. If using a plastic bezel, add a metalization coating to the plastic bezel, and ensure good contact between it and the front panel.
  2. Use a flexible conductive gasket to ground the metal frame of the LCD panel to the front panel metal. Sold as EMI shields, they also work well for ESD. See example.
  3. Use a metal bezel. The SLCD43 can pass 16KV ESD testing without issues with a metal bezel.