Project Name, Location

Project Name, Location

How does it work?

Your microcontroller sends serial commands to our embedded module which is made up of a serial LCD controller board, LCD, and touch screen. No special operating system or library is required. Programming a GUI is simple. More  

How does our embedded lcd touch screen work?


New: Modules with Advanced Capabilities

Looking for an iPhone-like interface? More I/O? A drag-and-drop design environment? Check out new products by Reach at

Embedded Touch Screen Products

Products include LCD controller boards, LCD display modules, LCD complete enclosed units, all of which help embedded engineers get color touch screen displays up and running fast in prototypes and smoothly in production.

Display Modules

LCD Display Modules

Completely assembled graphic-display units help you rapidly integrate an intelligent display system into your product... More

Enclosed Units

LCD Enclosed Units

Ready to go for applications requiring a NEMA 4 class case, or for any application where a completely enclosed LCD touch screen is desirable... More

Controller Boards

LCD Controller Boards

Board-only products for full design flexibility... More

How can I evaluate if it is a fit?

Get started with a low-risk LCD touch screen development kit. Development kits contain everything you need to get a touch interface up and running in a matter of days: LCD controller board, LCD display, touch screen, cables, sample images, sample code, power supply, and technical support.

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NEW: 4.3” Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Display Modules

New 4.3″ off-the-shelf modules offer proven hardware and full software support to speed development and reduce production risk. Products give engineers a way to quickly add a projected capacitive (PCAP) interface.

Reach Named 44th Fastest Growing Private Company

Last night it was announced that Reach Technology was named the 44th Fastest Growing Private Company by the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

Get a Screen Up in Days

Within a week have something up and running. Development Kits start at $349 ... More

12-Page Report

Weigh three options for adding a touch screen or display to
a product.

Why Reach?

Reach gives engineers a jump start. They see lower development costs, reduced risk and decreased time-to-market... More

Long-Term Availability

Full Lifetime Support

We build our products with five to seven years availability as a minimum. Find out what makes this possible. 1:38 min video

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