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Embedded Firmware Developer/Technical Customer Support

Reach Technology, a Novanta company, has an opening at its Lake Oswego, Oregon office for an Embedded Firmware Developer/Technical Customer Support. Reach Technology offers a competitive compensation plan and a great working environment.

Job Description

An opportunity for someone who likes to see their code being used, and who enjoys working with and helping customers. This person will wear many hats, sometimes several per day. As an Embedded Firmware Developer, you will maintain and make improvements to an existing code base, written in C, that runs on a microcontroller with LCD display. The product is a user-programmable Graphical User Interface, and is “bare metal” (no OS). In the near future, you will also re-implement this code on a new hardware platform.

As our Tech Support person, you will answer phone calls and e-mail from customers and from other groups within Reach Technology. These range in nature from someone needing the part number of a cable, to a customer needing help implementing a feature, to a multi-person, multi-week debug session trying to solve an issue on a product (of course, with the customer being “line down”). This will be the highest-priority role you will have.

For both of the above, you will maintain the product documentation (Word and PDF files), and some of the web page content (“file packages” with firmware, example code, documents, etc.).

As an unofficial office support person, you will take out the recycling, sign for deliveries, reorder supplies, refill the water filter, etc.

Whatever needs done…

In general, you will have lots of autonomy about how to solve customer issues and improve the product. You will be expected to be self-directed and require minimal supervision. At times, this position can be highly interrupt-driven, although it is normally not.

Our work environment is very casual (but we don’t have ping-pong tables or beer kegs). We are located in downtown Lake Oswego, with access to several restaurants and coffee shops, and nice areas for lunch-time walks. Unless the weather is downright horrible, we tend to take a walk for coffee in the afternoon.

Job Duties

  • Answer technical support calls and e-mails regarding using the product.
  • Implement fixes for bugs found by customers or in-house.
  • Propose and implement new features to make the product better for customers.
  • Release new firmware to manufacturing and to the web support pages.
  • Maintain product documentation.
  • Generate example applications for customers.
  • Generate application notes.
  • Design and implement next generation of the product.
  • Evaluate third-party libraries as needed.
  • Test and perform QA on code changes.
  • Develop regression tests to validate code changes.

Position Requirements

  • Several years experience with developing and debugging embedded firmware.
  • Strong C programming background.
  • Experience with WordPress useful but not required.
  • Experience with standard lab equipment (meters, oscilloscopes, etc.).
  • Personality compatible with technical support – must be patient and good natured. Customers are engineers, and interaction is high level, not scripted or “is it plugged in”.
  • Experience with Microsoft Word and Excel.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a technology related field preferred, or equivalent experience required.
  • Electrical Engineering degree preferred, or equivalent hardware/software background in microprocessors.

If you are interested, please send cover letter and resume to jobs@reachtech.com.