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Product Documentation

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Pick an item from the table below to find product documentation: features, board dimensions, power requirements, grounding, environmental, and more.

Current Products

Description Type Controller Product Number Buy Development Kit
4.3″ Standard, Vertical Mount Display Module SLCD43 51-0105-02 52-0106-02
4.3″ Standard, Horizontal Mount Display Module SLCD43H 51-0106-01 52-0107-01
4.3″ Projected Capacitive, Vertical Mount Display Module SLCD43P 51-0108-01 52-0108-01
5.7″ Standard QVGA Display Module SLCD6 51-0101-14 52-0101-14
5.7″ High Resolution VGA Display Module SLCD5+ 51-0103-81 52-0104-61
5.7″ Standard QVGA Enclosed Enclosed Unit SLCD6 50-0101-15 Contact Sales
5.7″ High Resolution VGA Enclosed Enclosed Unit SLCD5+ 50-0105-21 Contact Sales
7″ Standard Display Module SLCD5+ 51-0103-03 52-0104-23
7″ Wide Viewing Angle (12V) Display Module SLCD5+ 51-0103-11 Contact Sales
7″ Wide Viewing Angle (5V) Display Module SLCD5+ 51-0103-21 Contact Sales
8.4″ Standard Display Module SLCD5+ 51-0103-31 52-0104-31
8.4″ Standard Enclosed Enclosed Unit SLCD5+ 50-0105-02 Contact Sales
12.1″ Standard Display Module SLCD5+ 51-0103-A2 52-0104-82
SLCD5+N Controller Board SLCD5+N Coming Soon Contact Sales
SLCD5+ Controller Board SLCD5+ 42-0305-XX 52-0104-23
SLCD6 Controller Board SLCD6 42-0301-XX 52-0101-14


Legacy Products

Legacy products are available for existing customers. New modules supersede legacy modules, so they are not recommended for new designs. Reach has no plans to obsolete these products, and will support them, and customers using them into the future. Read more about our approach to Long Term Supply.

Description Type Controller Product Number
4″ LG Philips Display Module SLCD6 51-0101-0X
4″ LG Philips Enclosed Enclosed Unit SLCD6 50-0101-1X
4.3″ Standard LG Philips Display Module SLCD43 51-0104-0X
4.3″ High Bright Sharp Display Module SLCD43 51-0109-0X
4.3″ High Bright SGD, Horizontal Mount Display Module SLCD43H 51-0106-2X
4.3″ High Bright SGD, Vertical Mount Display Module SLCD43 51-0105-3X
5.7″ High Resolution SGD Display Module SLCD5+ 50-0105-1X
5.7″ High Resolution SGD Enclosed Enclosed Unit SLCD5+ 51-0103-4X
5.7″ Hitachi Display Module SLCD Firmware Build Only
5.7″ Kyocera Display Module SLCD+ Firmware Build Only
5.7″ Hitachi Enclosed Enclosed Unit SLCD 50-0006-02
7″ Evervision SLCD5 Display Module SLCD5 51-0102-2X
7″ Standard SGD SLCD5+ Display Module SLCD5+ 51-0103-0X
7″ High Brightness SLCD5+ Display Module SLCD5+ 51-0103-5X
8.4″ NEC SLCD5 Display Module SLCD5 51-0102-12
10.4″ Standard  Display Module SLCD5 52-0104-72
SLCD Controller Board SLCD 42-0061-03, 42-0070-00
SLCD+ Controller Board SLCD+ 42-0308-XX
SLCD5 Controller Board SLCD5 42-0303-XX