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Frequently Asked Questions

In our 25+ years helping customers develop products, we have collected and responded to many common questions. If you’re stuck, or not sure what to do next, give our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages a look. We may have already addressed your problem.

Application Consultants

I do not have touch screen programming experience. Do you offer these services or is programming relatively simple?


Will your module support parallel data transfer?

On which serial bus does our product work? UART, SPIOR I2C?

Will your products work on UART485 communication with Modbus RTU as a protocol?

Do your displays interface with J1939 protocols?


Where can I get custom cables to connect my microcontroller board to the Reach display module board?


We are looking for some durability data. How many touches can modules handle in a lifetime?

How should I clean my touchscreen?

Does Reach have ISO Certifications?

Do you have UL Certifications?

Do you have tips on getting UL/CSA/ETL approval?

What is your IP rating?

Are your products CE Certified?

Have you done EMC testing on your enclosed units?

Do you have any design suggestions for enhancing ESD immunity?

Do you have an EMC/EMI test reports or CE Self-Certifications?

Do you have any suggestions for reducing EMI emissions?

Are touch panels usable in wet conditions? Wet fingers? Wet screen?

Do you have any spill resistant/waterproof/dustproof displays?

Do you have any sunlight or daylight-readable displays?

Do you have controller boards with outdoor ratings for high heat or humidity?

Are your displays suitable for installation on a plane/aircraft? If so at what altitude?

Do you have a “ruggedized” display module?


Do you offer an analog VGA interface?

Do you offer multi-touch screens?

How does your solution compare with Maple Systems?

Are your controller boards able to control devices other than the display in the outside world?

Do you offer any small display units?


What types of fonts can be loaded using BMPload?

How can I match Windows font sizes and SLCD font sizes for downloadable fonts?

How can I get and use different font sizes or different character sets (UNICODE) than those described in the manual?

How do I select specific characters in an external font file (.SIF)?

How do I handle fonts in India with multiple languages?

I am currently using the font files Arial18.sif, Arial24.sif, and Arial12.sif for the English version of my application. How would I get Russian fonts of a similar size?

We need to use some special characters (i.e. space (20 hex) through z (7A hex) including punctuation to work). How do we make them work?

What are the licensing arrangements for the various fonts?

With utf8 off, I am able to display a bullet character with the command: t “\xb7” 100 100. Is there a way for me to display that same character when I have utf8 on?


Do you have LabVIEW support for your display modules?


What is the difference between the horizontal mount and the vertical mount 4.3″ display modules?

Do I need to use a gasket between the display module and my front panel, or can I attach the module directly to the front panel?

Can you give me any recommended design for gaskets?

I need a gasket/buffer material between your display module and my front panel. Who makes these?

Could you provide mounting in a bezel guidance?

Do you offer a bezel kit?

What is a GOIT?

I need an enclosure for the 4.3” module. Do you have a solution?

I would like to enclose the unit with a plastic case/enclosure. Do you have a solution?

What size screw is affixing the panel (8.4″ NEC with SLCD5) to the Reach mounting panel #4 screw?


Can you provide a responsiveness speed guarantee for time sensitive applications (i.e. time for a button press to be detected and sent to the RS232 port)?

How can I balance bitmap display performance and storage use?


How can I reduce the power consumption in sleep mode?

What is the typical, worst case, and surge current requirements for the SLCD43 Module (Part Number 51-0105-01)?

Does a module exist that is ultra low power and can work from a battery?

How many volts can the SLCD43 reset line take?


What is the price of the SLCD board?

My end product will have a 5-7 year lifetime. Will the SLCD board be supported for that long?


How do I know what combination of software (including firmware) and hardware you will send to me when I am in production? Is there a part number I should use?


Can you provide MTBF values?


Is there an inexpensive screen protector I can use for my display?

What are the differences between resistive and projected capacitive touch screens?

Will resistive touch screens work with latex gloves?

Can I change from landscape to portrait orientation?

Why is the resolution of the 5.7″ display worse than that of the 4.3″ screen? Do you have a 5.7″ display that has a resolution as good as or better than the 4.3″?

How resilient are these resistive touchscreens in industrial environments where people will try to damage products?

Can your LCD controllers drive an OLED?

Do you supply the displays/LCDs I need from stock? Or will I have to go hunting for the displays again?


How can I make SD cards larger than 2 GB work with the SLCD5 or SLCD5+ controllers?


My 8.4″ display is flickering. What should I do?

How can I reset the baud rate so that I can continue working?

My SLCD43 fails to flash and returns with an External Memory Dialog box popup, “Erase Aborted By User.”

When I download STEP files from your web page, they are in the wrong format, and SolidWords can’t read them.

I did a screen capture of an image and displayed it on the SLCD6 or SLCD43 (in high color mode) and see color banding that was not in the original. What do I do to get rid of this?

The display flashes (comes on and then goes dark) when power is applied, and I can’t communicate with it.

How do I show a message on the LCD screen when the serial communication link to the controlling host has failed?

Some JPEG files load correctly on the SLCD5+E, but files of the same image in a Progressive format, do not load.


Is there an editor available with Reach macro syntax highlighting?

Is there an easier way to get BMP images and macros onto production units without manually loading each one using the Flash drive?

Is PSOC embedded in your module or can it be used with your module?

Do modules come with software that allows display of standard image files (.JPG, .TIF, .BMP)?

Where can I get bitmaps (BMP) of buttons and other controls to use in my interface?

What program do I use to create or edit graphics (bitmaps) for my application?

Is there a way to stop the splash screen from automatically executing, as the system appears to run the macro and then the splash screen?

What do the LEDs on the back of the displays represent?

We would like to use the USB port for production programming, but every new SLCD43 connected re-installs itself on a new COM port. Is there a way to make all SLCD43’s connected use the same COM Port?

Why does the BMPload program display the full path and file name?

I want to place a bitmap over screen content, like a transparent GIF. That is, I’d like a non-rectangular bitmap. How can I do this?

Can I add a touchscreen to my existing product without redesigning my PCB?

How is a 24-bit palletized image displayed on the SLCD/SLCD6/SLCD43?

How can I speed up the display of a stored bitmap (.BMP)?

How many times can the flash memory containing the bitmaps (.BMP) and macros be rewritten?

What architectural design strategies are useful for improving display controller performance?

Would it be possible to get the Digi/Rabbit/Z-World application demo?

I am trying to display a number that changes frequently. Sometimes it flashes or tears as it changes. How can I make it look smoother?

How many bitmaps can I store in the onboard flash memory?

Do you have screenshots of typical screens or user examples?

How does color mapping work on the SLCD board?

Is there a limit on the number of characters I can have showing on a button?

How do I make a set of buttons act like radio buttons?

My application needs to determine when to update bitmaps, fonts, and firmware stored in a module. Can I query for a timestamp or other information? Once I know an updated is needed, are there options for running BMPLoad from a script or command line?

I’m drawing a full-screen bitmap (.BMP) and using hotspots within it for control. The hotspots invoke macros. The macros redraw the screen. When I touch a hotspot, the new screen’s colors are wrong. What’s happening and how do I get around this?

I want to invoke a macro when a button is released as well as when it is pushed. How do I do this?

What is the method for programming content in the field without using BMPload (application)?

Can my application store data files on the SD card?

How do I measure the angle values for a meter?

How do I write centered text on the display?

I’m trying to establish communication with the board SLCD5 connector J7 pin 4 and pin 10 ( RX TX CMOS ). When I connect pins 5 and 6 (RS232) the transmission is normal. What should I do?

Is a terminal emulator recommended? Which one?

Does your controller board do touch screen calibration?

Does your controller board support a SCREEN WIPE option (that is a command or API that temporarily disables the touch sensitivity and allows the user to clean the screen)?

What terminal emulator do you recommend for Windows 7 (64-bit)?

How do I embed foreign language text in a macro?

How can I create a button that will respond differently to being pressed ordinarily vs. held down for a long time?

How can I recover macros and bitmaps from a .bin file?

How can I get a screen capture of what is displaying on the LCD?

Do you support Graphical VFD?

The SLCD5 based units’ LCD (7″, 8.4″ and 10.4″) takes some time to display after power-on. Can this be changed?

When I opened the .ZIP file I found an .ELF file, but expected the firmware to be in a .BIN format. Do I need a special loader for SLCD5 products?

Does Vista have compatibility issues with serial communications applications?

Do you have a unit that talks with an SPI or IIC/I2C interface?

Is there a “bitmap flash” command that flashes the bitmap just like the “text flash” command does?

I am looking for a complete 4.3-inch touch panel PC that runs WinCE 5.0. I need RS485 and wireless. Your LCD looks great, but it needs a PC controller. Do you have any recommendations?

Can your display be programmed with Bluetooth, WiFi, IR, or some other wireless interface?

Do you have a Drag-n-Drop GUI builder tool?

Is there an incompatibility with Microsoft Vista and BMPload?

Why does my application run slower over USB than when I used it from the RS232 serial port?

I don’t have a serial port on my computer. Can you recommend a USB-serial converter?

Is there an if/else construct in the SLCD modules?

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