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Embedded Display Modules

Off-the-shelf embedded display modules come with: LCD, controller board, backlight driver, and integrated touch screen. All displays are TFT and use LED backlights. Choose 4.3”, 7”, 8.4″ or 12.1” for full descriptions, data sheets, manuals, mechanical specs, development kit, design in details, and more. Compare all by Technical Specifications

4.3″ Display Modules

4.3" Embedded Display Modules

5.7″ Display Modules

5.7" Embedded Display Modules

7″ Display Modules

7" Embedded Display Modules

 8.4″ Display Module

8.4" Embedded Display Modules

12.1″ Display Module

12.1" Embedded Display Modules

Other Display Module Sizes

We have many other modules in development. Learn more.

Picking the Right LCD

Picking the wrong LCD can spell disaster. More Videos

What’s in a Development Kit?

Kits start at $349 and include all the hardware and support you need to quickly create a prototype. 2,500+ kits sold to date. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Development Kit Options

How can I compare products?

View products by technical specifications, primarily: panel size, touch type, connectivity, and power. Compare by Technical Specifications

Custom Modules

If our standard embedded display modules are not a fit, we can provide customized modules if you have sufficient production volumes.