Compare PoE Test Equipment

Reach Technology offers two PoE test equipment models. Both units come with 24 emulated PD ports, have a 1U rackmount chassis, use a universal power supply (90-240VAC), and offer a serial port control.1 Compare the models below.

Max Ethernet Speed10 Gigabit (10GbaseT)10 Gigabit (10GbaseT)
IEEE Specifications 802.3 af,
802.3 at,
802.3 bt
802.3 af,
802.3 at
Other SpecificationsCisco UPoE,
Cisco UPoE
Power Pairs Supported 22
Max Power Per Port (Continuous All Ports)100W 66W
Datapath (Passive)Looped to adjacent port2Looped to adjacent port2
Signature, Load Single and Dual Signature,
Dual Independent Loads
Dual Signature,
Single Load
PoE5 DetailsPoE4/10G Details