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Compare Simple vs. Advanced Product Lines

Reach offers two product lines whose main differences are hardware and the GUI development process.



How It Works Smart Slave to Host Processor:

  • Use standard, predefined call functions to interface your products. Standard Commands, BMPs stored in Flash, manual placement or use of GIMP scripts for layout.
  • Host processor sends commands to display. Display returns reply.

Details about How It Works.

Smart Slave to Host Processor:

  • GUI Development: Use tools and languages familiar to you to design a user interface. Reach provides a drag-and-drop design tool in Qt Creator (QML/JavaScript, C++, C) and a library of design objects (buttons, sliders, meters, level bars, etc.). Develop your GUI on a PC and download to your module.
  • System Architecture: Translate layer insulates core functions from GUI changes.
Interface (I/O Options)
  • RS232
  • 3.3V CMOS UART
  • USB1
  • RS232
  • 3.3V CMOS UART
  • USB
  • Ethernet
  • GPIO
  • RS422, RS485
  • CAN
  • I2C
  • RTC1
Display Sizes 4.3”, 5.7″, 7”, 8.4”, 12.1” 4.3”, 5.7”, 7”, 10.1”, 12.1″
Touch Type Resistive and Projected Capacitive options. Resistive and Projected Capacitive options.
Technical Specifications Compare by Technical Specifications Compare By Technical Specifications
Processor 16/32 bit CISC or 266MHz ARM i.MX28 or i.MX 6Solo
Price $1692 (4.3” Model: SLCD43R) $2692 (4.3” Model: G2C1-43R)
Controller Board Model SLCD G2
Family Generation One (G1) Generation Two (G2)
In Production3 Since 2007 Since 2014


See available simple display modules.

While our modules are Linux-based – you don’t need to be a Linux developer to use them. More


See available advanced display modules.

1 Some modules.  2 Annual production volume of 100 units.  3 Five to seven years availability as a minimum. More about Long Term Supply.

Simple vs. Advanced Comparison Video

Watch a 6:58 min video explaining the differences between simple and advanced modules.

Ask an Engineer

Still not sure which direction is right for you? Talk directly to an engineer to see how Reach products can fit your needs. Live support is available Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Pacific time. Tell us about your project and we can help find the product that best fits your needs.