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by Reach Technology, a Novanta Company

Why the LCD Market is Different

If you are looking for a display that will be available for a long time, you should watch this video.


Full Transcript

We spent a lot of time looking at different panels and trying to find the right panel that will be available for a long time. Unfortunately, in the LCD business, there are no standards. There’s not … it’s almost like the TV business. When you see TVs first they were 32-inch then 46- then 47-point this; they’re all different numbers. There’s no consistency. There’s no commonality. LCD panels are all made custom for particular uses.

There are very few industry standards. There are no standard groups. Some sizes become standard, and so we spent a lot of time working with vendors. We have direct relationships with Hitachi, Kyocera, NEC, people like that who are in the industrial LCD market. We know which panels have the form factors and the electrical interfaces that are going to be around for a long time and that are truly industrial panels.

Sometimes vendors will show up and say, “Oh, now I want to sell into the industrial market. I’m going to bring some LCDs that were consumer; now I’m going to call them industrial and here use them.” They come in, and then three years later they go out and leave a lot of people high and dry. Knowing how this works, and who to deal with, and who not to, is a big deal.