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Touch Screens for Embedded Engineers

Reach is easy to work with. There’s a comfort in working with somebody that knows what they are talking about.

Who do we serve?

We help embedded engineers who need to add a display or touch screen to products quickly and cost-effectively. The engineers want to:

  • Get their products — with LCD touch screens – to market in weeks, not months (or longer).
  • Know exactly what’s involved in adding an embedded touch screen, before they start, and minimize development risk and schedule surprises.
  • Get help from LCD touchscreen industry experts, so they don’t have to do it alone.
  • Be able to go to a higher resolution, or larger embedded LCD screen, without major software changes.
  • Devote time and effort to developing the unique aspects of their products, not re-inventing a display controller.

Engineers use Reach LCD touch screens for all purposes

The engineers design a broad variety of products, from hotel room kiosks to medical control systems to tugboat engine monitors. They typically work for manufacturers of custom electronics products including industrial and medical equipment. Customers

Yo don’t have to be one of the “big boys” to benefit

Engineers we work with represent the entire spectrum of company sizes, from large organizations, like Steris International, a billion-dollar-plus sterilization systems company, to one-man engineering consultancies. However, the type, size, and duration of the project can determine whether Reach is a match. For example, hobbyists and companies not considering a board-level solution are not a good fit.

The top reasons customers buy from Reach are:

  • They benefit from our products, our experience, and our expertise.
  • We offer competent, responsive, and personal technical support.
  • We help minimize complexity and risk.
  • We keep their investment in LCD expertise to a minimum.


Technical support is wonderful. We have asked stupid questions, and they have always been patient and called us back, and that is something we don’t get a lot of from support at a lot of other companies we deal with. So you can give the team a pat on the back for always being there when we have some crazy questions or some problem.

Benefit from product and industry knowledge

Reach has been involved with embedded LCDs for more than 20 years. We started with monochrome displays, moved up to color STN (passive) displays, and now focus on TFT color modules. Our engineers have vast experience with the complexities of embedded LCD displays, including cabling, signal levels, timing, backlight powering, and dimming. When you buy from Reach, you’re putting our embedded LCD knowledge, experience and expertise on your team. Team

What embedded touch screen products are available?

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How does it work?

A standard asynchronous serial port connects your system’s microcontroller to the Reach serial LCD controller. Simple ASCII commands are used to draw images, text, controls, and other interface elements, on the screen. The controls report back over the serial line when they are activated or changed. Images are stored on the serial LCD controller in flash memory. How It Works

How can you get started?

You’ve decided you want to get started with a Reach embedded display. What do you do next?

  1. Start with a Development Kit. They contain everything you need to get a touch interface up and running in a matter of days. The kit includes an SLCD controller board, an LCD display, a touch screen, cables, sample images, sample code, and power supply. It also includes technical support. More than 2,500 LCD development kits have been sold to date.
  2. When you’ve ordered your kit, and you’re waiting for it to arrive, visit Getting Started with a Development Kit, for resources to help you get a jump-start on your project.

12-Page Report

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