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How Does it Work?

Connect your system’s microcontroller to the serial LCD controller via a standard asynchronous serial port. Use simple ASCII commands to draw images, text, controls, and other interface elements. Controls report back over the serial line when activated or changed. Images are stored on the embedded LCD display’s controller board in flash memory. 

Embedded LCD Displays

Simple to Integrate

Simple to Program

No Particular Operating System Required

Drag-and-Drop GUI Builder Tool

No Graphics Library Required

Get Started with a Development Kit

Embedded LCD Displays Demonstration

See examples of what you can do: on-board proportional and fixed-width fonts, parameter, label and simple math macros, easy to use buttons, save/restore drawing state, dynamic labels, text in a box, relative touch, data visualization charts, slider controls (compass, gauge meters), animation, scroll and rotate, and drawing primitives.

Want more detail?

Get the Software Reference Manual Embedded LCD Displays Lock that contains a complete description of commands used in this example.

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Looking for an iPhone-like interface, more I/O, or drag-and-drop design environment?

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