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Customer Quotes

Touchscreens are what the market calls for now.
The SLCD5 controller board enabled us to enter the 21st century.
Reach pays a lot of attention to the details so we are not left hanging.

Do I Buy or Build?

If we did three times the volume, we could justify actually doing our own design. In our situation, we are better off using Reach modules.
I could buy an LCD panel from one vendor, and buy other components from another vendor, but then I would have to spend the rest of my life getting the two to work together.

How Does it Work?

My client did not want to use a Windows-based platform such as a PC or a PC-104 with our software riding on top of the operating system or executing within a third-party application. We wanted to use our own processor, running only our code, and your product fit in perfectly. It’s exactly what we were looking for.
Everybody else is too big. Yours is the only, really truly embedded system, designed for embedded systems.

Will it Work with my Product?

What really sells this is that it looked so high-tech when we were done.
We were replacing a vacuum fluorescent display and we already had everything else designed. We have a RS232 interface, we wanted to connect to an LCD, and we needed an off the shelf solution. Reach fit the need well, and made the job easy.

Why Reach?

It was really a pleasure to finally find someone who knows something about adding an LCD to an embedded device.
You guys sound like a company like we are, and we are in the business of getting things done. I like the way people at Reach think and I like how helpful they have been. We’re really excited about using the LCD controller board. Reach is a perfect fit for us.
We used to make our own LCD screens with a membrane keypad, but wanted to get out of sourcing because it is a moving target. So we’re essentially offloading that to Reach.

How Long will Products be Available?

We were using another vendor and the product we had been using went obsolete. They did not tell us. Instead, when we went to order they said, ‘Oh, sorry; we can’t supply that to you anymore.’ It sent me scrambling to find those pieces until we found Reach.

Development Kits

Just look at the way you guys did the kit, everything is so simple.

About Reach

Reach is REALLY easy to work with. There’s a comfort in working with somebody that knows what they are talking about.


I talked to technical support and was just very impressed at how much they knew about the product, and they have been fantastic from a support perspective, as issues have arisen. And I have no regrets.
Technical support is wonderful. We have asked stupid questions and they have always been patient and called us back, and that is something we don’t get a lot of from support at a lot of other companies we deal with. So you can give the team a pat on the back for always being there when we have some crazy questions or some problem.