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4.3-inch Display Modules

4.3-inch Display Modules

12-Page Report

Compare three options for adding a touchscreen or display to your product. Download

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Range of sizes (4.3″, 5.7″, 7″, 8.4″, 10.1″ and 12.1″) and connectivity options. Compare Products

4.3-inch Display Modules Development Tools


Find out how to integrate and program. Compare Buy vs. Build. How it Works

4.3-inch Display Modules Development Kit

Start with a 4.3″ Kit

Off-the-shelf development kits start at $349 and make it easy to get started.

Top Reasons to Pick Reach Touchscreen Modules:


Size Choices: Display modules come in a range of sizes. More


Reduced Complexity and Risk: Speeds development. More


Quick Start: Development kits, tools, and documentation all provided. More


Full Support: Get over prototype hurdles and move smoothly into production.We offer competent, responsive, and personal technical support. More


Made in USA: Designed and built for quality, availability, and fast support. Long-term supply 5-7 years as a minimum. More


Quality: Reach consistently receives high marks from customers who track incoming quality and field reliability. They tell us we are among their very best suppliers. More


Longevity: In business 25+ years, hundreds of happy customers, on Inc.’s Fastest Growing Private Companies List. More


Regulatory Made Simple: Products are highly ESC Tolerant and pre-scanned to FCC Class B to simplify regulatory approval of your final product..